Saturday, June 26, 2021

Naga Trader Scam

Naga Scam
Naga Scam. This company has a new term called spread volatility. It means they can double or triple their spread overnight and close your trade. They gave me a 1.7 percent spread and at 9:50 they increase the spread by more than a double. They increased the spread on my two bigger trades. These trades were recommended by their broker. The price went up but my trade did not finish but when the price starts to come down then they increase the spread. It means when the selling price was going down they were increasing the buy price. They increase it to a level that my trade finished. When my trade finished the spread start to reduce. I was watching it and took a screenshot. They closed my trade of USD/ZAR currency pair at 14.28691. But the range of this currency pair on Bloomberg was 14.2027 to 14.2512. The price on Bloomberg never went above 14.2512. But at the same time, they closed my trade at 14.28691.
I have taken many screenshots. Please contact me if you are affected by this company. I am not trying to get my money back from them. I would like to start a campaign so we can stop this company from ripping off innocent people. Contact me on my Facebook page. Muhammad Arif
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